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It’s hard enough to bootstrap, raise capital, and grow a company without worrying that your stack won’t scale. We have been helping startups avoid mistakes on AWS since 2012.

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Get up and running on AWS in days.

With 200+ services in AWS, where do you start? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Our AWS-certified experts have validated cloud expertise and are ready to build cost-effective and well-architected solutions for any business domain.

You are going to love working with us.

01. We’re practical.

In a startup, you have to make trade-offs. Getting your MVP up and in the hands of your customers is priority #1. We can give you a stack that morphs as your product does.

02. We’re hyper-responsive.

Startups don’t have time to wait. That’s why you have a direct line to us when you need it.

03. We’re crazy fast.

It’s going to blow your mind how quickly we can deliver.

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Here when you need us.

01. When you need a base stack

We design and document your stack, build the infrastructure as code, train your devs, and then hand it over to you.

02. When you hit a snag

Our experts will review what you have built and provide you with options for getting over the hump.

03. When you lose a critical engineer

Losing your top talent can be a game-ending event for a startup, but don't worry. We can step in and keep the build going while you find your new long-term hire.

What People Saying About Us

Testimonial Avatar 1

This team is incredible. They had our entire stack setup and running in less than two days!

Jaquon Hart

Digital Marketing Executive

Testimonial Avatar 2

We had no idea what all AWS could do, but the team at Surton built the entire stack and even completed documentation and training for our team. Awesome!

Harinder Bharwal

Web Designer

Testimonial Avatar 3

These guys far exceded my expectations. I appreciate the thoroughness & honesty as well the team's experience.

Rickie Baroch

Product Manager of Salestation Asia

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