Like Chris shared previously in How Fractional Engineering Teams Save Small Companies Time and Money, we at Surton offer fractional expertise for companies that need to maximize their spend on certified top-tier engineering talent. We work across many different business domains at all levels of the tech stack. This isn’t an embellishment – a month at Surton often has work across these different technologies:

(scroll technologies)


    • IAC
      • CloudFormation
      • CDK
      • Terraform
      • Serverless™️
    • Compute
      • ECS
      • Lambda
      • EC2
      • EKS (Kubernetes)
    • Storage
      • RDS
      • DynamoDB
      • S3
      • EKS (EFS
    • Networking Configurations
    • Monitoring & Alerting with CloudWatch
    • Cost Management


    • IAC
      • Bicep
    • Compute
      • Virtual Machines
      • App Services
      • Functions
    • Storage
      • SQL Server
      • Storage Accounts (Containers, File shares)
    • Networking
    • Azure Monitor
    • Cost Management

Web Application Support and Development

    • Languages
      • Python
      • JavaScript/TypeScript
      • SQL
      • C#
      • Bash/PowerShell
      • PHP
    • Frameworks
      • Next.js (Create-React-App)
      • Ruby on Rails
      • Flask

Mobile Application Support


Windows Support

    • Windows Desktop Application with WinUI 3
      • Sideloaded App for Custom company Tool
    • Server Maintenance and System Admin

Pipelines and Development Tooling

    • Code Build Pipelines and Artifact Publishing
    • Deployment Pipelines
    • Services
      • GitLab/GitHub/Azure DevOps
      • AWS CodePipeline
      • CircleCi
      • Jenkins
      • TeamCity

Business Automation and Internal Tools

    • Custom UIs via Retool to automate business tasks for non-programmers
    • Scheduled Tasks and Reports

Data Engineering

    • Full ETL management
    • AWS Redshift
    • AWS Glue & Athena

AI Engineering

    • OpenAI applications and embeddings


Exactly! That’s quite a breadth of technology and expertise in our small outfit. Also, we do it at a 5-star, triple A level (our testimonials match this claim). As such, we’re looking to grow our team of grade-A, fully remote talent via a direct individual contractor network. We’re not looking to partner with any agencies at this time, but instead would like to establish personal relationships with engineers and experts, learn their superpowers and pair them with tasks that are the best fits for both career growth and fulfillment.

We know that no one can know everything about every technology, and we want to turn that into a strength of our company. If you have spent 15 years in Windows technology and are an expert at Windows Active Directory – we need exactly that – no pressure to learn anything else. Reach out, let us know your rate and we’ll add you to our rolodex. We’ll pay you for your expertise and you’ll be a part of a network of other experts and a team you can always reach out to if you come across something outside of your wheelhouse.

Next Steps

We’ve built an interest form here – fill this out, and we’ll reach out to schedule a chat with you.

We look forward to working with all of you experts soon!